Quotes for Thoughts

M having a good chat and discussion bout love and relationship topics with bunch of friends today. Well, at this age, what else on the topic right? Career, buying house, getting married, husband and kids topic. Hahahaha. No lar… we were acknowledging each other about friends wedding and so on and thats when we get into a topic like this.

I’ve not much comment on this because honestly, i dont know about relationship. I used to have a good one few years back and after that, not so smooth to be honestly. People talk about love, some people link it more towards the bread rather than love. Is it wrong? No comment as well. I guess they have their own reasons.

Little things came across throughout the gathering. Saw people posting some relationship status about how the boyfriend cheated on her, scolding him with full name on the facebook with foul language and.. wow.. so embarrassing lei.. I like what a friend commented : Face your problem, not facebook your problem. hahaha! Sounds cool right?

After all the disasters and so on, i personally prefer getting low profile. Well, i;m glad now i can write like i used to be again. Say nice nice is like that nah… say not so nice is.. had been neglected my blog for ages and nobody reads anymore… so thats why i got my own freedom and privacy to write again. Muahahaha! Self comfort mar..

I am very very very blessed and happy with my relationship now with bun. Peaceful and relaxing. I’m feeling loved and blessed. Thank You Lord “)

I’ve basically nothing to write actually, sometimes i feel like writing it like a diary but i don wan to write it up here as it is eventually still a blog. But for those who cared, at least i am happy and peaceful now. Loving my life now.

Ran into this random quotes by some japanese author.. IF you are able to read chinese, clear your mind and read it properly, word by word.. if you get what this quote is trying to say; i am sure you will feel the same way as i do.


Such a meaningful and beautiful quote.