Raining Day . Sunny Day

The weather is so unpredictable.. it can be a hot sunny 30 degree Celsius day for an afternoon and heavy down pouring in the next minute.

Bibi (ahlun) just boarded. So emo to see him leave… so i stay in the room watching momok talk show when papa send him off to airport. kekekeke!! Safe Flight bibi… Shall see u soon ba.. when u come back and sign the thing. lalala!

This weekend had been a great one. Bibi came back and we had family outing whole weekend. Despite all the irritating calls from work, it had been a relaxing but fulfilling week. Oh Oh Oh.. finally can rest a bit…

Work had been just very stressed out especially these two months. For the month of April.. this is the only week ill be in Kuching i guess. Damn…! But hopefully the pay off is worth something. 🙂

Had been thinking lately how to actually divide and spend money the way it should be. I am starting to doubt that if i spend too much on vacations and travelling. Time to time i will take all the public holidays opportunity to exchange for a fly time. Hmmm.. time to really think and reflect on it. Maybe should reduce a bit.

Gain some weight and try to reduce some too. HoHoho.. Had been reducing the food intake lately. Will see how it goes then. Friendship had been just so so lately. Do not even have time to take my ass off my work… no time to bond with friends or even family but i just missed them a lot. Its good to hear from old caring friends sometimes. A call out of sudden and talk about crap is just nice. Haha…!! Just wanted to thankiuk this San la for cheering me up recently. kekekeke!!! So nice to hear from you la san la… i dont know how much i appreciated it. 😀

Sunday is almost over.. Back to the reality again. HUHUHUHU!!!!! God Bless and Happy Easter People! *lotsa love*

p/s: Lotsa outstanding post… anyone kind enough to spare me photoshop software cracked? keke!