Sarawak Blackout

New Straits Time claimed that all kuching power fully recovered by 11pm. My ass. TQVM.

Yesterday was a half disaster day. Huhuhu! Was at Bing buying Mango Yogurt and suddenly blackout. Drove home and suffered for a traumatic heat without aircon. It was 5.45pm. I thought its gonna be a short one but it turned out… 7.5 hours long. People claimed to look at the bright side, human is able to get away from everything and appreciate the nature. 7.5 hours is too long for me. But the 7.5 hours blackout period make me realised that how vulnerable human being is. And we are all depends on electricity most of the time. hehe! Well, i cant live in the cave man generation. It was a disaster!! Especially for me. Sad. I am afraid of heat. I cannot stand heat. Some of my friends call me butter or lilin (candles in Bahasa Melayu) because i can melt easily ba…. And i kinda like butter. because i can be fed happily with bread and butter too. muahahaha! Maybe i can call myself Butter Chong. MUAHAHAHAHA!


What else make the blackout worst.

1.) No aircon. Almost die

2.) Phone Battery left 13% around 7pm and i have no idea what time will the power supply coming back.

3.) Phone Battery extremely low but i have around 7 active group chats aggressively posting up and chit chat every seconds. 

4.) Phone Battery extremely low but i am too bored so i continue surfing my FB and Instagram

5.) Outta sudden Digi Line congested. No internet. FML

6.) It was too hot in the room so i went to the living room, and fed like maybe 10 mosquitoes.

7.) Called bun but because of his hectic workload and his power supply has recovered around 6.30  , he has fallen deep asleep with aircon.

8.) Went out with papa and mama but the road is so dark it was so scary

9.) Reach home at 10pm and its still dark. fml again.

10.) Bombarded bun’s phone for 15 times and gave up

11.) I think Bun felt my depression because of the heat and he magically woke up.

12.) Drive all the way to my house and bring me out for supper while he really needed a rest. He is the best bun in the world! 

Went to our latest favourite hangout place but Shao Bao is sold out. *tears* Had Sugarcane and shared fried bee hoon and headed back home. Power Supply is back!

2008-06-17-toast-butter-bff-1144I think… i cant live without Aircon and Internet! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH