So much to say. So little words to describe

I always have a feeling like i have so much to say, so much to express out, so many opinions to voice out. Just so many things to write. However, whenever i have time to sit down properly to actually turn on my lappie and decided to start writing. I was BLANK. So little words to fulfill the things i wanted to express out. Arghhh..

Was kinda mind terrorizing myself at the moment. I realised i dont know how to make decisions. HAHAHA. Or i have made the decision but it ended up like totally not the one i wanted to achieve. This happen many many times before but somehow, it doesnt change still. I have to hit the wall so many times in order to be more ignorance of the issues arising around me which doesnt need my concern. hehehe! Good thing or Bad thing.

I have big dreams. I have so much think in mind that i would like to do or achieve. But somehow along the way i am a lil bit confused of which way to take.

Yesterday was a bad day for me. Horrible horrible day. Well, im glad it passed. If you are having the same problem with me. Well, i have figiured out things and ways to make me feel better and of coz i have these will help me to go through what happens that comes later.

1.) Do not do things which you do not want others to do to you

Whether you are in your work place, in your relationship, friendship, or what-so-ever. Always put yourself in others shoes before deciding. If you do not wish those to happen to you. Just dont do it

2.) Be sometimes ignorance

Things which is not related to you directly, not of your utmost concern, or even nothing to do with you. Do not get a fuck about it. Just mind your own business. Do not give extra imagination to relate that it MIGHT affect you.

3.) A open heart. Law of attractions

Give an open heart to everything. Whether it is useful to you or its a bullshit to you. Just smile and make it through. You can choose to not keep on wandering positive forces on you but please do not think of negative things. Law of attractions. Whatever that keeps wandering in your mind, it will happen. People always say, the one that u dislike the most always comes to you eventually. Why? Its because you keep thinking about it. U are talking to your mind that please do not happen to me. But brains doesnt differentiate what you want or dont want. As long as you keep thinking, it will come to you. So, keep the positive things and ignore the negative ones.

4.) Be patience

A lot of success only comes to those who wait. Who are strong enough to go through the hardship with a smile. I will bare in mind about that. Because i have almost zero patience. Especially on the road. You get what i mean right? hehehe!

Time constrain. I am in my office. Gonna go back soon. To be continued 😀