Stupid HN

As usual.. i was looking through all the menus from some caterers for the upcoming seminars..

GUESS what?

Would anyone wan to have a try on THIS????

NGAITIII… she still tell me their specialty is LAMP curry… and everyone in that caterer din even notice the spelling mistake??! Walau!! SO uneducated and LOW standard HN…

i think.. Remember the government is trying to change all the syllabus to BM?? Reason? Because all the stupid HN knot cope with English.. thats y government wan everyone in Malaysia to pull down their standard so that HN can cope..

i think… Come on lah… think wisely… is BM applicable in other countries other than Malaysia??? NO?! then wad for change to BM??

i think… YA.. “very clever”.. clever in producing more and more stupid HN!

Oh.. perhaps.. this is wad Malaysia’s slogan means!! MALAYSIA BOLEH… BOLEH in everything. *impressive*

P/s : Oops.. i think i better put the word “i think” in front of all my paragraphs.. u know lah… although Malaysia claimed to be a democracy country… but bare in mind they only apply democracy to those whose voice is parallel to theirs. For those who speaks the truth that offended them.. mostly ended up in jail. This is how democratic the country is. ^^ SO… “i think” this word is necessary to tell them the statement is only wad I THINK.