The Detour

I took a detour in my life today. I am suppose to be on the plane to go to KL for my master as planned early. But instead.. i took a detour and stay. i am not sure if i made the correct choice or not but it seems like i left no choice but to stay. I know with my condition now is very inappropriate to go. I am not ready. Not ready to face the things that will eventually comes to me. I m not ready to prepare to accept the cruelest fact. I need a cooling period to overcome my depression. Dont ask me why. I don’t know how to tell.

Looking at the clock ticking. Time passed so fast. Things started very fast, Ended very fast but its never easy to bear with the aftermath. How long do i need? Let God say. I will be in total dilemma not to go, to forgo the chances of living outside and to do what i always wanted. But, things go too sudden until it is way too off track of what have well planned earlier on.

I knot take it. I need time to heal. If you were my friends or closest one, don’t ask me anything. Just let the time heals.