The RGH’s date + Surreptest Gordon’s Bday!

A nice fine day with Rose and Gladys.. HAih.. how nice is chh is here then it will be ARGH!! dating again. hehehehe! its okay.. the next ARGH is near. *muahahaha*

Say hello to “The Blur” , “The Hyper” and “The Random”

We went for Sunny Hill’s ice cream… *nom Nom Nom* too bad its chocolate during weekends.. if not.. i will be even happier if its strawberrrrry. hehehehehe!!

Hello RoseLing..!!

Hello DysLing!!

Hello RoseLing and DysLing… hahaha! ya i know. i m bored.

After Sunny Hill, we went straight to Secret Recipe!!

The reason : We craved for Durian Cheesecake!!!!

See see see.. how happy they are when durian cheesecake came!!!!

And random enough.. after secret recipe.. we decided to get Surreptest Gordon a birthday cake bcoz its Gordon’s birthday and our eva is not around….

The Blur was thinking that we can suddenly pop out at his house to give him the cake.. and so.. three of us went to Fujisan to buy the cake…

The tauke is soooo busy until he refused to write the happy birthday to gordon word on the cake. sobs!! and he gave the wrong amount of candles.. luckily The Blur manage to grab the whole chunk of candles and throw inside the plastic bag while The Random help The Blur to actually distract the tauke. As for The Hyper.. she busy buying agar agar. muahahahhaa!!

Initially we plan to pop the birthday to his house but after all the messages… we found out that he was at 13th mile having dinner with this family.. The Hyper… was so hyper.. she said.. “lets go to 13th mile!!”

So there we go…. shocked The Surreptest!!! *weee* Happy Birthday Gor!!! *hugss*

After the cake delivery.. RGH proceed to the next station.. 3rd mile Xiang Xiang famous Nasi lemak introduced by The Random!!

I din eat coz am going for another date.. but i munch a little. *yum yum* when is the next date!!

Oh.. and The Random gave us this….!! *kewt*