The Wills and Jins

Okay.. as promised i have received most of the pictures from wilson oledi so here i come.. wuakakaka! Well.. past two days we was like having photo shooting for uni.. hmm.. ALvin leong took the pictures so i m kinda curious of what is the outcome. HoHoHo! Anyway.. apart from the real photoshooting.. we had our own warm up session.. hehehehehe!! I love taking photos!! and of coz.. i think this time is the first time i got took so many pictures not by myself.. hehe! I found my kind.. *hiak hiak hiak*

Oh.. I am with these two photo fenzy guys at library waiting for the time.. we have nth better to do so we went to nine floor to take some warm up pictures.. hiak hiak hiak! yes!! we are the same kind.. we love taking photos! weehehehe! having a great time with u guys! *muax*

Ok.. so let me blahz a little about it.. This post is gonna be all my pictures.. for warning..hehehe!! but taken by different ppl.. of coz mostly by Wilson and JIn Thai..! i was at library with them and lance.. but i don have his photo. ^^

Oh.. here’s Wilson… yes.. u see u see!! taking pictures of himself.. told u he was obsessed with photos.. HoHo!!!

Wilson a.k.a Moley.. he has a necklace plate carving “moley”

And.. the cute guy.. Jin Thai!! Oh.. actually i have lotsa unique fate with Jin Thai.. Well.. i first noe he when we are in Council.. and later on knew he was a fren of my brother.. Oh!! but i noe him first!!!! First as in my brother later found BACK him in facebook after their long ago primary classmateSHIP. muahahahaha!! Anyway.. Jin thai is the president of Photo Media club…

HoHo.. looking at Facebook ar JIn thai!!

These are some randomly pictures we taken in Library.. some is taken by Lance! thankie!!!!

wuakakakaka!! wad am i doing? duno la.. just randoM!

HoHo.. OkOk.. more pictures here… well.. Wills and Jins really took good pictures!! I love them!! weehehe! But some angle i look fat ler… *sobx*


Me and wills! – of coz taken by jin thai –


Me.. at the cooridor? balcony? smoking bridge? haha! cin cai la..

OH.. jin thai is making his hair.. HoHoHo.. under the heavy wind..


Me and Jins.. Oh.. he owes have the very cute and charming smiles!! hehe! I look so eye-begged in this picture but still upload bcoz he really loook so charming with his smiles!!


Huhuhuh! nATURAL…

EEIks.. i wanna more act cute one.. MUAHAHAH!

i like this angle.. but my face look so not nice.. so… cover up! hoho!!


Jin thai!! nice one!

ok.. have a break.. no me..The nice nice spring view they took!! Oh… or perhaps the love cloud? ehhehehe!

And lastly.. back to me again..! this one!! jin thai!! i love this one the most!! edited by wilson la.. hehe! both are so good!!

Big huggies for You two!!! *HUGS HUGS HUGS HUGS* next time still take pic ya! so fun neh! muahahaha!!!!

Actually still got tonnes of it.. but u noe la.. all me.. so pai sei.. so jus put some i love the most one lor.. ^^