These days..

I werent in a very good situation now. Kinda confused and.. i duno wad to do.. I lose my temper easily.. i don like this at all but things just werent seemed right.

Making a decision is hard. But having everyone to APPROVE your decision is even HARDER.

I thought i could figure out sometime good for myself. At least i knew it would be better for me.. if not now but later in the future. But concerns and misunderstandings just love to be around all these mess. Having people around you to approve your decision is harder than hoping around the moon. Because they might not understand the core intention of me having this decision.

Denial is always disappointed. Its hurt. Its sad. I m lost. At first i was happy because i finally found something that will make my life better.. true enough.. i remembered they mentioned last few months they will support my decision if i have made one. But shocked and disappointed enough, what i got is just a denial.

Well.. maybe they think i party too much recently. Well.. what can i say? i should say i have a lot of farewells and events recently. At least.. i din got myself into some dangerous situation right? FINE. Its useless to explain because all i got in the end is.. still something i understand but they thought i don understand. ARGH. Nevermind. They love me i know. i love them as well.. jus.. depressed. =)

I will still find a way and accomplished what i have to. Oh.. but at least.. i m 50% released as i jus took off a big rock on my shoulder. *kakaka*

And thats y i seldom blog recently.. not really in a calm mood to do things that i like. I just felt that i m not settled down yet. Have to do some research and think of a way to make my life better by not quarelling with the whole world. hoho!

Anyway… other than those nasty stuff.. i m alright..

I had oranges as my supper everyday because i can hardly sleep. thinking of how i should make my life fulfilling and meaningful. hahaha!

Annna, my chh is leaving kuching for a better future.. I m gonna miss her a lot a lot a lot.. somehow.. i felt really sad and down especially these few days. *Haih*  I’ll see u soon. very soon.

The “ARGH” dinner. It is always so happy and stress-free when ARG is with me. I love u girls real lot!

And after dinner.. we went to the Celcom X-Play event with annna. Its the moment of togetherness that counts.

oh.. and also.. the very cute BEARGENTINA! hahaha!

Well.. guess the only best moment for me now is the time i had ,munching this brinjal spaghetti. lying on the bed watching kang xi till i fall asleep. *muah*

p/s: papa is busy and not feeling well recently. Whoever that see this.. just wish him healthy at all times k. =)