When Dupy Was 5Kg

Well.. my life recently is kinda boring and the same so there is nothing much interesting to write on. A bit moody recently and have no idea what i wanted to say. Haih.. Life has ups and downs thats for sure.. Oh.. cant wait to go travelling again bcoz travelling makes me happie and relax.. *winks* looking forward to it.. cin cai where oso can la.. muahaha!

Anyway.. this post is inspired by Dupy just now because when i went to the bathroom in papa mama room jus now.. saw Dupy sitting beside papa looking at papa playing his computer games.. so cute especially when i saw Dupy’s butt.. so cute! and oso.. its getting bigger and fluffier.. hahaha!! So i get back to my com.. look thru all the pics.. haih.. shouldn’t look through all actually.. *sobx* Anyway.. found Dupy’s last year pic! so cute!! haha!

Dupy still look so small.. but its Last year.. Oh.. obviously Dupy has gained some weight neh.. muahaha!

This is Dupy.. last year.. when she was 5 kg..

The photo is taken when we cleaned the back part of the house.. Dupy owes followed us whenever we go.. ^^

Oh… she just love sun bathing under the sun.. look at her butt.. hoho! enjoyNyer…

I duno why Dupy dislike taking photos.. it is owes difficult for us to take a good picture of her.. only some times when we are really luciky.. so the best.. but still not so effective way is to put Dupy at HIGH places.. haha!! means somewhere Tall.. and she will be afraid and she wont move by then.. but hor.. the face is the scare scare face liao la.. so kolien oso.. hehe!!

SEEE… how quiet she is and she wont move! hahahaha!!! cute!!

Oh.. Dupy again! i like this pic la.. so cute!! this one is taken after she is tired playin and decided to go back to papa’s room but still kepo kepo see what we are doing.. U see see her kepo Face.. *MUAHAHAHA*

Dupy is owes very cute in the family.. lovable.. and when she is lovable.. ppl keep feeding her.. especially mama and papa so she ended up gaining weight year by year.. HoHoHoho!

DUpy we love u! *muaxxxx*

Oh.. i have finished writing my post and she is still at papa’s room looking at the computer games…. or maybe fall asleep di.. haih! *pinch*