Yoshito Usui is Dead. =(

I m back from my short vacation. Its a very very very very sad news that Yoshito Usui (The creator if Crayon Shin Chan) is found dead after he went missing on the 11th September 2009. An undentified body is found under the cliff on 19th September and today… on the 21st September 2009. Yoshito Usui is confirmed dead on his 51.

Its a very very very tragic news for me as i am a great fans of Crayon Shin Chan. Great People is slowly leaving the world, First we have Michael Jackson and now we have Yoshito Usui. I din get to collect the series of Crayon SHin Chan comics as i never think that this could happen so fast!!

I din really read any newspaper thats y i m not aware. and i m on my vacation as well.. It hit me on the spot when yesterday, Sunday, we are all at Sanyan.. Nth better to do.. too bored.. and i decided to buy some comics for myself. I search for the whole bookstore and i only can find ONE Crayon SHin Chan comic.. for me.. its like impossible.. how can theres no crayon shin chan in a bookstore.. i ask the receptionist and she said its all sold out. That is the only one i can find. i was like.. WTH! I hate Doreamon so it left me no choice but to buy the only one crayon shin chan and a “Lao Fu ZI” for my daddy. When my daddy saw me reading Crayon SHin chan, thats the time when he threw me a shocking bomb!! He said Yoshito Usui went missing.

My gosh! And the very next day, he is found dead. When i keep thinking over, only than i realised why there isnt any Crayon SHin Chan comics. I am sure i couldnt get the whole collection oledi lah. *haiH*

According to the Newspaper, His draft of Crayon Shin Chan is prepared until this November only. How sad.. means crayon shin chan will vanish together with the author after november 2009?! I M SO SAD!

Haih! RIP Yoshito Usui. We will miss you. =(