Xiao Jing Teng

lalalalala! He’s new song! *love it*

Honestly speaking.. i stilll prefer his long hair.. Nope Nope! NOT the one he 1st time appear in the show but the second one.. ya~~ the tied up one.. so suai neh! look more punky ma.. now his look is like cute cute style.. but ya.. he is cute~ *lala*

NOT THIS ONE OK.. but his expression when singing is real attractive! ^^

AHA.. I love this hair style the most! =D

Okay.. here’s my favourite song from his latest album..

Song titled : ??? (Forgive me)

This is the original Mtv..

And for some who prefer singing live.. here you go… =)

Incredibly.. he just got a very attractive voice and style in his singing.. Uhmm.. for myself.. he’s a bit different in his voice when he sing his own song then others before.. did you guys realised? or its just me? haha.. i feel like the ones b4 are more attractive because he got a more thicker voice.. issit?