MBO : 3D Movies

Last Sunday afternoon.. i went to MBO to buy tickets for the Singaporean movie “Where Got Ghost” at 8pm. Guess what.. its fully booked.. Just now in the afternoon again… i went to Spring and intended to buy the tickets for the same movie at 8pm… Holly Shit.. its fully booked again!!! left 6 seats at the first row.. NGAITI… i wanted to buy for tomolo’s but the girl at the counter tell me the time table for the whole week haven come out yet. FINE. I will buy tomolo. When i reach office at around 4pm.. i checked the website and here it goes.. all the time table is out!!! How lucky i am!!

To prevent from seeing all the red red colour seats (red means sold out) for tomolo.. i decided to go to spring again after work to buy for tomolo’s ticket!! geramnya.. and I saw the G-FORCE 3D movies wil be shown on Friday tooo… of coz.. planned to buy it altogether once i reach spring..

MBO 3D movies actually starts tomolo!!! So the first 3D movie we have in MBO kuching will be Final Destination 4. too bad i watched already..!! So am waiting for the Friday one.. G FORCE. I happily bought 4 nice seats for the movie “Where Got Ghost” FINALLY AH!!!.. wanted to buy the ticket for G Force… click click.. and GUESS WHAT??!!


OMGGG!!!!!!!! Straight away press EXIT!!! My GOSH!!! at first i thought mayb its the screeening.. but hor.. when i checked the price for Final Destination 4 (3D). SAMe oso!! RM 20~!

Ok.. members are entitled a one ringgit off.. so what??! I still need to pay RM 19 la wei!!


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