MBO Cinema, Kuching

MBO Cinema is in Kuching! The Spring Second Floor!! I bet most of you have already knew about it!

And well… I am the 155 person to fill up the membership form.. ahlost is the 154th ah lost say hers is 156th! huhuhu.. Muahaha!

The story is like that… yesterday.. my colleague and i have an appointment with the manager of Poppies.. and he told us they are having another branch at the 2nd floor at The Spring called Lollipops. So.. he invited us to have a look and of coz.. to discuss some of the details of the incoming plans and so on…

Just before we go… my colleague ask me when will the MBO cinema open.. and i recalled my chi hua hua’s blog says is 19th… i din realised yesterday was 19th until my colleague told me.. so we’re pretty excited! muahahah!

At The Spring.. just before we went up.. i saw someone on the fon rushing towards the escalator.. YEA!! ITs HER *Liak zua hor*!! So we “sun sua” go to QUEUE up for the membership form.. luckily the queue was not too long. Guess what.. we saw chi hua hua’s brother John. He said Chi Hua Hua ask him to come because chi hua hua is at work. HUHUHU!


The benefit of being the first 500 person owning a membership card is that… you are charged RM 10 LESS. The registration fee is RM 10 (Originally RM 20) and you will have to pay RM 110 (RM120 originally) because the card inside contained RM 100 as the prepaid credits.

Correct me if i m wrong.

1) The membership card contains RM 100 as credit. So you don have to queue up to buy the tickets next time. You can owes buy your tickets by using the KIOSKS….! Means like swapping the card.

2) You can only purchase the maximum of SIX tickets at one time

3) You can owes reload your membership card at their customer service counter. RM10 minimum i think.

4) The advantages of having a membership card  is that they will send you FREE tickets during your birthdays

I think thats it! It is stated at the membership form.. i cant really remember all.. coz i just browse thru it. huhu!

Anyway… The first 500 ppl get some goody bags…

Yea! they are all cash vouchers.. not a “WOW” thing but its better than nothing! hehehe!