ABBA’s BACK Charity Dinner @ BCCK

I attended the ABBA’s BACK Charity Dinner at Borneo Convention Centre Kuching last Saturday. The Charity dinner was held by Catholic Welfare Services Sarawak (CWS) in collaboration with the Society of St Vincent De Paul and Kidney Association of Sarawak (KAS) in aid of poor and destitute people.

This is the only picture of the screen i had.

Our table is worth RM 10,000 which made a ticket worth around RM 1000 per pax. They called it Silver packs. For the Gold packs which i heard from a friend of mine, is worth RM 25,000.

The dinner isnt about how grand the food will be but to aid the poor especially to the Kidney Association. So, no matter how the food was like.. its worth it. Right?

The menu of the day :

First, we have this cold platter

Baby Octopus, Jelly fish, and assorted sushi roll alike thing. *yum*

Dried Scallop with Assorted seafood soup

“Teo Chew” style steamed Promfret fish

Steamed chicken with chinese herbs and meddler seeds

Braised assorted dried seafood with dou mushroom

wok fried rice

Mango pudding with strawberry sauce as their patries

and Fruits Platter

Nevertheless.. they have this very unique taste of tea. *love it*

Talking about food, there goes my eating partner..

PAPA MAMA!! *wooots*

Justy, Jacq, JF *all the J*

RoseLing, DysLing, and…

Stevo and Gonna be farewell-ed alex!

Other than food, they have all sorts of performances…

Line dance by the deaf.. impressive right?

A performance by Stanley, one of the guy in Akademi Fantasia

And around 10pm.. the highlight of the show..


The lead singers for the night…

They actually presented all the nice and famous oldies from ABBA…

and here u go… everyone enjoys the performances.. even the ahpek beside our table stand up and start dancing!! Its a good thing!

And soon… the charity dinner turns out to be like a concert..!!

We really enjoyed ourselves a lot! *teehehehe*

Here’s a very short video…! Recalled back ppl *muah*