Azam Toast Master Installation Night 2009

I am not a Lazy bum anymore bcoz i update! hehehehehe!

Last fRiday.. i went to Azam Toastmaster international Installation Night. YES ppl.. i was a toastmaster.. well.. i am Stilll a toastmaster but not sure for the future. teehehehe! I may switch my toastmasters time to some community services as there’s sth interesting going on offered by a friend.

So well.. it was at Sarawak Club.. Cant really camwhore tooo much as hor.. THEY are all elders.. i mean.. they are all in the age of 30 to 60.. takkan expect me to camwhore all by myself all the time right?? so i only able to camwhore a few..  A FEW nia oledi made me very pai sei liao can. *teehehe*  _mostly in the car la! hahaha_

The setting kinda nice hor… so if anyone doesnt know wad is toastmaster club.. u can click here!

As the dinner is on the puasa month.. the most common drinks u can see is….

AIR BANDUNG + MILK. Air bandung C. hehehe

and the snack?? ewwww…. KURMA!!! so scary!! don like it at all but they seems to die die wan me to eat so i choose the very small piece one.. take off the seed.. and swallow with my air bandung C. muahahaha

Teehehe! i know i look awkward.. so many ppl wad.. =(

The dinner started chun chun when the clock hits 6.44pm. The first time in LIFE that i attend a dinner which is so so so so PUNCTURE!!

The menu stated “kuih muih” as dessert.. but they served it as the first dish after kurma..

Follow up with the assorted cold dish! wwooootss!! me love!! i think i ate a lot! X.X

Second dish is Fish Bladder soup with Crabmeat… I only manage to drink half coz soup really makes me bloated!

My all times favourite!! Baked Cod Fish with Honey Sauce!! yeay babeh!!!

The fish is so so so so so tender.. with the contrast of the cripsy skins.. omg!! lets drooollls!!

Onion Chicken!! i din eat much bcoz its only chicken. teeehehehehe!

Brown Squid with baby Kalian.. Hmm.. i love the squid tho! its very chewy.. and u can actually munch it while someone is singing on stage.

Butter Prawn.. Sarawak club’s specialty.. but for that night.. i think its a little bit too salty? =(

Last dish is yam basket with mixed Vege.The yam is very nice!!!!!! i think this dish shud come earlier..!!!

So here comes the installation night for the new batch of board of directors!!

And our new president.. Susan TEal. =)

I cabut half way bcoz i m full. HAHAHAHAHAH! til then!