Borneo Funk Fest 2010!

Thankiuk Patrick from Grand Margherita Hotel, Thankiuk Adrian from Extreme Event, Thankiuk Mikey for the invitation arrangement…! I have fun that night!

I went around 7pm on the 2nd of July. The crowd wasnt there yet as i think its still very early for party wise event…

Its was at Grand Margherita Poolside…!

How nice kan??

Soon enough when the clock hits 8. The event started…

Mikey… the pirate videographer….! stay tune for his video peeps!

We started off with the performances by Amy Winehouse look alike…!

Continued with the Madonna Look alike..! Loving all the songs by her.

she can really sing well tho!

and dance!

and obviously.. madonna caught everyone’s attention bcoz she likes to interact with the crowd as compared to amy. =)

Apart from all the performances.. we actually have other contests and activities going on…

like… they have this famous Danny for the “Fire” performance…

Ambassador of The BFF!! Females

and MAles of cox…

And.. i even got a henna from ah siaw… a very talented guy from lim kok wing…!

he can really draw very very well…!

look at the dragon!!!!

and obviously…. all of us get one for ourselves! *muahaha*

And this is mine…!! *loving it* how cool right! love the at the bottom there and.. its still on my arms! *kakakka*

Anyway… before the event ends…

we have this last more performance from Lady Gaga look alike..

i guess.. everyone is waiting for this..

well.. at least i know i m…!

I enjoyed the event a lot.. not only i meet a lot of old friends and of cox new friends… but to just drown myself into the music by all the celebrities look alike..

Well.. somehow.. u can jus feel their intention of bringing all the joy to their audiences. Sincerity and efforts!

OH! and lionel is a fun and cool guy to hang out with! hahaa!