CelCom BlackBerry Night

I m so busy with my uni work but i still blog. haha! yup.. last time i went to Celcom Blackberry Night at Boulevard with Serene and Kim. Kim Kim come pick me. thankiuk kim! *muax*

The set up is good.. environment is good.. the WII is good.. just that the place is not so crowded.. The everything started at around 7.30pm… with a band.. hmm.. i enjoyed the first 3 songs by them but started to pull off by the ppl playing the WII beside me. hahaha! so i get concentrated watching the WII competition later on..

These are some pictures I took.. and serene too. coz she din bring her cam so we share.=)

The stage.. its pink! awesome rite? haha! will it look better in green??? muahaha

The band and the performances for the night.

We sit in a table.. me, kim, serene and tomi.. there are gigantic little candles at every tables and this was ours..


and us!!! hohohoho!!!

We stayed like mayb 1 hours plus and because of some circumtances.. we left.. and guess what!! We have fun in the mini fun fair just behind. hahaha! i so wanted to play the merry-go-round and the elephant pusing pusing one but no body wanna accompany.. so bo pian lo.. if i play alone.. i will look weird bcoz all are kids around. hohoho! but i so wanted to play!! *sobx***

So we ended up playing sth more normal.. the dart and the  balloons.

kim kim with her dart and balloons.. mine cant see the balloon in the pics so i put hers. hehe. she look so cute in the pic!

I threw 8 darts.. missed one.. so total up 7!

and this is my gifts.. muahahaha! an orangy pillow for bibi.. one pink very-cute handphone pouch which i love so much and one small little pinkish piggie.. hahahahahahahah!!! *she knot replace my bai zu* hohoho! *xinyi sure say i m crazy if she read this* muahaha!

After that.. serene wanted to go for supper.. i have my jelly ice-cream from KFC..

with pink piggie.. haha.. the ice cream is nice but the jelly… eeeuikkkss! look nice but taste.. ahum..

Serene’s cheesy wedges with piggie.

Me : lets take pic with our toys … since we have nth to do..

Kim n Serene : wokies. hahahaha!!! *indirectly la*

Me with pinkish piggie

Kim Kim with her Pasta toy! so so so cute rite!

Serene with her red pillow. muahaha!

After that.. jimmy came to look for serene.. Oh.. first time i saw him. haha! Apart from him, we saw some bloggers at the Celcom blackberry night as well… like.. Tim, Wombok, Irene, Gladys, ALex.. did i miss anyone? Oh.. alot i duno la.. i only noe Alex and Gladys. haha!!