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Omg!! today is my first time witnessed this!! I never really saw a fire burning down sth before until today!

What happened?? We are actually having our photo shooting session with Tim, Ting, Gordon, Me, Anna and Aaron.. And after we almost done with everything.. we heard ppl screaming from down stairs.. for your information, we are at the rooftop at Pertanak area.. Ok.. the story went like this.. we heard someone screaming so as usual.. everyone looked down.. saw a “man” running and screaming with sarong.. and when we look at ur back.. we saw smoke…! Gordon and Tim still took some pictures because we are not aware of anything ma.. so after few minutes when more and more ppl are screaming.. we can sense something was not right so we ran down.. 

KABBOOM!! we were so extremely shocked to see the shoplots beside our photo shooting place was on fire..! BIG one…!! Gordon and Aaron immediately called the BomBa.. good enuf.. they reached after 5 minutes..! 5 minutes are enuf to make the fire growing lo hor.. =( 

This is the place we took photo…! saw the blue shoplot behind.. that was the place before it got burnt down..

The Fire was really scary…!

I really felt sorry for the victims.. there was one female crying at the corner.. she really pulled my mood down.. hmmmm… anyhow.. i m glad they are all safe.. This is all it matters… 

Same as annna… we keep wondering wad if we dint run down.. look at the smoke!! we will probably be choked… i m glad we are all safe and sound tooo! I m still wondering wad will happen to the fish up there? Sauna aquarium eh… *pity* It happened at 3pm to 3.30pm.. its only an half an hour to change other’s life.. =(

We got the FIRST hand pictures and witness as we were there.. the reporters are kinda slow.. and we are posting earlier than any other newspaper!! HAHAHAHA!!! wwoootss! special neh!

Anyway.. i got this Video.. exclusively from YIENYIEN.COM.. enjoy it..!  I m sorry it is not really resourceful.. it was only us..! ^^


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Anna had updated on it.. Gordon and Tim will be updating it tomolo.. ! i will updated their links as well! 

So for now.. its time for bed! *nite nite*


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