Green International Festival – The PeopLe

HoooHooHoo.. too many pictures to select and edit.. so i decided to post up bit by bit.. Better than din update any ma.. right??! HUhuhuhuHuhuh!

Thankiuk Mick, Gerald, Allen, Timo, and many more for the nice nice nice nice pictures in Facebook!! Well.. my own cam kinda lack of the groupie pic coz it run outta battery after video-ing for the concert. huhuhu! T.T

Anyway.. thankiuk Edwinnnah and Fred for the wonderful event!! We had fun! *wee*

Timothy Walter Voon’s Production!! Also my favourite pic!

Start with the Jump!

Ting (huhu.. so cute her), Timo, ahfound, me, dar

chi hua hua and me with banyak kelefei around. kekekeke

Saiful’s hair! he say he can do the liberty look for my hair! HOHOHO! Kin tio weii

No nid to intro lah

Dar and Chenky! wooots!! and chi hua hua kelefei

Paul paul oso appear! huhuhuh! so long din see him nah! must camwhore!

Credits to Mick Long, Gerald, Allen and Timo.. muahahha! Means i steal some of their pic! cant resist! too lovely bah!!

ooo! me love this pic the most. cute right!!!! look at chi hua hua;s face.. ekekke

Start with a Jump, End with a jump. Thats the CULTURE!

Just something to start off lah. hehehe! Content-less i know. *nyeknyek*