Krista Centurion “TangLung” Night 2009, Kuching

10 of us are invited to the Krista Centurion “TangLung” Night 2009 on the 25 September 2009. Krista Centurion is a very established kindergarten in Malaysia.. Oh i should say the Largest Kindergarten Chain in Malaysia.

Familiar?? its located at Taman Woodland.. if you know how to go to Stutong or OneTJ.. I am sure u have no trouble looking for it.

And here i am!!

The Red Cresent members will sanitize your hands at the entrance b4 we go in. HUhuhu! and everyone will be given goodie bags!!

There are a lot of different sections..

The kids’ ART corner..

Booth for the Sponsor and Co Sponsors..

Sushi Demo Booth from Sushi King.. YEs.. familiar right? The Japanese Chief Executive Chef Sakamakisan..

Pets Corner…

Gopal Digital Set Up…

Chips More man!! YEs!! Its a CHIPSMORE…. doesnt look like meh? *huhu*

And of coz.. Prizes Station!! woots!! Main Sponsor : Pureen

The Opening Speech is given by the Principle, Ms Vicky Chua, Follow by The presentation of souvenirs to Sponsors… And around 7pm.. We have our buffet started..

Pot Blessed Dinner includes Pizza, Pasta, Fried Chicken, Sausages, Nuggets and fishballs, Fried Rice, Bihun, Noodles, Kuehteow, Ayam Rendang, Curry Chicken, Satay, Mixed Vege, Mini Burger, Sandwiches, French fries, Fruits, Nyonya Delicacies, Curry puff, jelly agar agar and so on.. You name it.. they have it.

Gor is hungry.. can see can seee

*slurps slurps* U can see Chi hua hua munching her food happily.. i haven feed her for ages *pats pats*

The estimated crowd for the day is around 1000. They have a humongous playground for children to play around..

Adults as well!

To Ahlost : Bukan Vandalism lah… *shy*

After the buffet, we have Sushi Demo by Sushi King..

And a lot of readily made sushi to fulfill the hungry audiences!! *hiak hiak*

With him.. WHY so tall hor!

Apart from that, Krista Centurion will be giving up prizes for the Best Family Portrait…! remember the Gopal DigitAL I mention jus now? They have two set ups for photoshoot..

And guess wad!! saw this lo ngiao here! *piak* muahaha

WHen the kid is still posing for the camera.. this CHH go scare the kid bah! huhu!

Eventually after the kid got scared.. we have our turn for the photoshot.. haha! jk la hor.. we waited until no one is there then only we take our sweet time taking pichas!

AHlost riding the plastic horse..

My turn my turn…

ANd evey!!! i like this pic the most. ngua ngua ngua!

And not forgetting.. thankiuk for the pros la hor…!

B4 the Lantern Walk.. we actually have lotsa time to mingle around.. jumping here n there.. tasting the food everywhere and basically.. sweating together gether!!

The Dragon Fruit Mooncake! Sth New!

We have ahlostling!

She finally din shake liaoo!


nana, JF.. *pazuzu, Gor, sharon n mike duno go where T.T*

Oh.. here they are.. very tiny in Blue, Grey, White n White

Spotted someone half way thru..The pretty edwin…

Two Pretties and one man

JF got bitten!! Thats the consequences of keep blocking me in front of the cams.. HUAHUAHUA! bkful er.. i bite!

Towards the end… Lo nGiao gave us lotsa lotsa left over balloons..! wooots! tIme to snap snap again!

we are actually sitting in a small empty-ed pools.

We have so much fun u can see from the sweat.. huhuhuhu!!

And lastly.. Mr. John gave us our Goodie Bag!!

A group Picha.. kinda blur.. but stil.. i like!

Group Picha with MRC (Malaysia Red Cresent)

And with that… It ends the Day!!

Happy n sweaty!! Thankiuk Mr.John and Vicky for the event

No purpose of posting this pic up.. i jus think that the effect is nice! haha!

Good Night PPL! *hugs hugs*