Malaysia Election Day 505

Malaysia Election Day seems to be one of the most discussed thing in the world.

Seeee.. Even google had personalized the Election title for Malaysia.

Reason? Well, i guess we are one of the minority country that practice the “dictatorship” democratically for over like 50 years. In History, Malaysia had been said to be a democratic country. Well, I THINK. Always use the word i think before writing stuffs, to prevent like.. been sued or closed down (some unfortunately newspaper that speaks their thoughts about gov). Since we were young, parents taught us not to voice out or said anything bad about gov publicly. Not even at home, just to prevent been caught and got locked up in the jail. Hahahaha. Everyone is afraid and confused about our beautiful democratic country, I THINK.

Well, Tomorrow is the day, years by years, things changed, people are more educated, systems are more transparent and Human rights are stronger.

40K on the finale

Versus few hundreds

If the results turned out to be like opposite of what the human are trying to voice out. Well, you judge yourself.

Its like.. Burger stall A is having like hundreds of customer everyday. Burger stall B like only 3 tables for dinner. and in the end, Burger stall B won the BEST BURGER award. *screaammmmm*