My AirAsia Free Seats

If i had 10 AirAsia Free Seats, I would go to go to India and I’d bring along…

First of all, it will be my family. Father Mother and Brother. They are always my best travel mates. They are adventurous, they are sporting and they are fun. I wanted to share this insight with them, and most importantly, they follow my itinerary. I can dominate the whole trip! HOHOHOHO!

Also, I want to bring along 3 of my blogger friends. WHY? Because we will have more people to share on how magnificent this country is to people around the world through blogs. I believed writing gives inspirations. I want more and more people to know about this unique country, either by words, by pictures.. or even by comics! And well, if bloggers get together, it will be a crazier trip!

Another 2 free seats goes to my readers. Thank you all of you for reading and supporting my blog throughout this 8 years. I received a lot of emails constantly on enquiries about my travel experiences. I would really love to travel with you guys if i have the chance!

And the last free seat goes to…..

20140831_160011_mr1409472072457_mh1409472215957_resizedMy Mysterious? Want to know who is that Mysterious and why is it so important to have my mysterious along? 

Stay Tune! and let me brag about why i choose India! 😀 Many of you might be wondering why India? So here’s my reasons :

1.) Its a life changing experiences

I always heard friends of mine telling me that :” You should go India once in a lifetime.” India is an eye opener, theres no where in the place like India, there is no place like India that you can learn so much. Your perspective will change. They always say this. But when i ask them to explain, they lost of words, they say, i have to go and experience myself, theres no word to describe. India can be a very vibrant country, with Taj Mahal standing high. India can be a very down to earth country, with people flooding and hanging on the train ride. 

2.) India is colourful

They said : Theres no other place like India where you can see people wearing colourful clothings walking around the city. India is even more colourful in their Bazaar, with different kinds of local food and spices. Just so beautiful. And the main good comment that everyone had been talking, the locals are very polite and friendly. 

3.) Varanasi — The Holly Ganges River

They said : You must go to Varanasi, especially to the Ganges River! Oh i know, Ganges River in very popular in my history book back then. The Ganges is consider the most sacred river to Hindus, million of people are depending Ganges River for living. They said : exploring Varanasi give you another different life time experiences as compared to the big city, you walked through their daily lives, feel their cultural and respect their people. 

4.) Its a thread between life and death.

They said : The only places that you can thoroughly feel the significance of life is in Varanasi, the Ganges River. Why? Because Ganges River is the only river in the world that you can see lifeless bodies floating. Why? They said it is to believe that Ganges River absorb impurities and take them away. And that area is also the only place that still practice the olden days rituals to burn the dead bodies. Its a thread between life and death when you sit down on the bench and just watch them burning the dead bodies, the feel is indescribable. It will make you to appreciate life and people around you even more and more.  

Theres still so much to learn, so much to feel. I wanted to be there and feel it myself. To learn about their culture and to know that there’s still this place in the world that it is so different. Its always They said.. They Said… i wanted it to be I said… I wanted to speak through my own experiences.. i wanted to share more about India… this spiritual and beautiful place.

Travelling has been my love, my passion ever since I am young. I believed in learning by travelling. I believed that theres some experiences and learning process that you are not able to learn from books… forever. I believed that one’s perspective will change, one’s mindset will grow and one’s experiences will elevate through the windows of the World. I saved every penny of mine in exchange for an opportunity to explore the world. And there’s no exception this time, with the courtesy of AirAsia, now more and more people can fly. Thank You AirAsia. AirAsia give people hope and help people to achieve flying dreams and provide chances for people to explore out of the comfort zone, with the promotion of free seats across the network starting 25th to 31st August 2014. You can grab your chance to travel at the minimal cost! What are you waiting for?!