Olympic BeiJing 2008 Open Ceremony

Yup.. last nite was indeed magnificant.. Credits to Director Zhang Yi Mou for directing all these especially the torch lighting ceremony. It was fabulous! It was a success i think.. Most of the people were overhelmed by how BeiJing can makes the whole process a surprise, mesmerized yet a beautiful scene for the whole world which is great!! muahahaha!!!

The theme for this year Olympic is One World, One Dream.. This time.. there are like 204 countries participating in.. According to some chinese news paper.. it says that this time is the largest scale? haha! don noe la.. But everything is just impressive!

The Torch lighting part is the one i m most interested in.. and the secret reveal.. it was NOT panda.. oh.. how sad.. haha.. no la.. just kidding..

The Torch Lighting ceremony was so called hosted by a 45 years old former Gymnastic Champion, Li Ning. He was hilding the Olympic flame and was lifted up in the air..

He runs in the air for like 800 meters.. if i m not wrong.. (i heard the MC says its 800m.. haha.. lazy to check) around the Bird’s Nest Sport Stadium.. Cool.. Oh.. he is good.. i mean its hard to “run” when u have a wire hooked on ur waist.. haha!

And lastly.. he ran towards the cauldron of the BeiJing Olympics games and lighted up the flame.. Woohohoho! here’s goes the Torch Lighting Ceremony for the year!

Notes: Resources from XinHua, Beijing2008.cn and some i got from ChristinaYY. Thanks prettY!