Pray for MH370

My heartfelt feelings for the incident of the missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft MH 370 bound for Beijing yesterday. It has been missing for more than 30 hours by now. Lets pray hard and hope God will lend us a hand and set some miracles. Please stay strong people.


Seeing the reportings from bbc, cnn, china news and Vietnam papers make my heart broken. Dear MH370. Please come back home. Your families and loved ones are waiting for you. Lets together to have some faith for the missing flight. Also hope that Malaysia gov can step up and give more comfort to the families involved.

A big thank you to our neighbour Singapore for helping. You always make your citizen proud. You amazed us and we salute you. Thanks for the help and the effort to lend us a big hand although there is no singaporean on board. Thank you for lending us your functional submarine to the act of rescue. Sad to say, our own submarine is not ready to be used.


Thanks to the US, China, Vietnam and Singapore to help in the act of rescue. You guys are the real fighter.


A lot of ugly truth eventually appear when something big and unexpected happened. Felt ashamed? Yes. It shows how unprepared we are when facing big issues. Our submarine is not even functioning dude. Why spend billions to buy useless submarines. Oh well, this is how things work here right?


After the submarine issue, clarification came down saying that our submarine is for war only. Ya right. Submarine from other country is for rescue and search only? And if its not even equipped well enough for a search, can it be used for war? So many lives involved. Why? Why? Why? No point arguing. This is the culture. Whatever you say is the truth, regardless how ridiculous it is. YOU win all lor.

TRUELY appreciate the help of all parties in the act of rescuing and tracking the missing flight MH370. We will pray and continue to pray for all the passengers and crew on board.MH 370, please come back safely.