Pullman Hotel, Kuching

Was tagged along to a dinner at the newest hotel in town, PULLMAN HOTEL & RESORTS.. *weeee* Well… jus for ur info.. Pullman hotel is a German Hotel ^^

The environment is very comfy.. and colourful.. almost the entire hotel is painted in white and its complimented with colourful furniture.. Its simple.. but at the same time.. elegant. ^^

Blue blue sky somemore woh

Plenty of comfy big sofas around…

The lounge.. DejaVu.. Oh.. one more thing.. all the ballroooms are named after Great Buildings and Historical places like Colosseum (the one i had the dinner), Great Wall, Petra and so on…

Theres a cafe down there called Puzzle too… mayb next time shud try on the buffet there! *muahaha*

Upstairs.. woots! me love the Carpet! *teehehe*

so this is Coloseum Ballroom..

and our table..

well.. I m tag along by him to this dinner called

Hmm.. some Chung Hua Sch anniversary… well.. i m OBVIOUSLY NOT from any chung hua’s sch.. but my bf is.. somemore his daddy is the committee of the event so… there we are.. attending the FIRST function held in PullMan Hotel Kuching…

*camwhore at PullMan Hotel*

Ya.. its The FIRST ever function held in PullMan Hotel.. and of coz.. its a CHAOS! hahaha!! not enough waiters.. waiters serving dishes at a table for 2 times and some table do not have.. and bla bla bla…

They change plates after every dish… and guess wad? that waitress can actually distribute the plate half way and suddenly the fren call.. and she straight away distributed for the next table.. HOHO.. so.. some got plate some don have la. hahaha! but wad to do… FIRST dinner ma… semua kelam kabut. even the CEO help to serve. ^^

Oh.. one thing about the ballroom i like… The ceiling changes the lighting all the time. Teeehehehe!

Instead of peanuts or preserved papaya slices.. they served pickles.. which is very yucky to me. *huhuh*

Braised Sharkfin soup with crabmeat.. Don force me to say nice. >.<

Hongkong roasted Chicken.. Hmm.. this one is the better one.. but the portion kinda small..

Steamed Seabass with TAngy Asam Sauce.. I know the fish looked ugly.. but surprisingly.. it tasted good. ITs kinda sweet and sour.. but in asam style.. Nice one! As least its unique!

Green Garden.. consist of brocoli, tau kan and black mushroom.. the tau kan is the best among that few bcoz it absorb all the sauce in it.. but hor.. the portion kinda small loh..

Cripsy Squid with chinese herbs…! the squid is soft and fresh.. well.. i think this dish finished the fastest loh.. and.. someone’s table served twice! hahaha..and of coz.. vice versa.. some din even know got this Crispy Squid!

And lastly.. seafood noodle.. it look dry right?? and bingo.. it tasted exactly how it look like. haha! i din try this bcoz it doesnt simulate my appetite.. huahuahua!

Apart from food… we have performances.. as usual.. we have all those very chinese’s performance like.. hmm.. i duno wad does it call but some chinese instrument… some “xiang-she”… some arts and so on… And oso.. we have the terrible “One Malaysia” wannable performances which is bored to death and irritating which i din even bother to take pic for it. TAAAAAHAHAHA!

Surprisingly.. this kinda anniversary dinner they still manage to invite singers to perform…

FIrst one will be “Dong Yu ZHe” i duno if a lot of u know them.. but i owes tune on the radio so i kinda know their songs…

The songs kinda nice.. i never know how they look like.. until yesterday. hahaha!

The second one is Lin Yu Zhong!! *WEEEEEEEE** I like I LIKE!!!! kinda shock lin yu zhong is here ehhh!!

He walked around our table..he did wave to my direction but stupid me press the wrong button so i missed it! ISH ISH!!!my bad

see lah.. side way liao. SOBX!

Anyway… i super love his songs and his drama!!

*he is cute tooo*

And… Met Sageh there tooo!!! of coz must take pic!! evidence of bumping into him ma! WUAHAHAHA!

AFter the dinner.. called up ahlost and we hang out with evey, mike, frankie, pazuzu at Secret Recipe coz our beloved Johnston haven makan since afternoon time….

and we saw this!! AWW!!! cute doggie!!

CAN i donate my money to DOGS only??? coz i don like cats… and their tails.. so gelik..! Oh.. if u duno.. my hobby is CHASING CATS away. hahahaha!

and him.. haih! he like to bully everything one lah! both alive and not alive! hahaha!

Overall! average! *grin*