Pullman Kuching- Grand Opening

I m one of the invited guests of the Grand Opening of Pullman Kuching. OF coz!! have to thanks to Alicia, the marketing Manager and AHlost, our premium rose! The place is beautiful!

We r havin a pool side party at Liquid.. 7pm.. free flows of beers,wine and food…~ but of coz.. its only until 8.30pm bcoz after 8.30pm.. the place will be open to public.. with the entrance fee of RM 33 per person.

some pichas of the pool~

the bar…

Oh.. there is a mini pool on the stage jus beside the bar…!

and… some romantic boooth for us to mingle around~


ah ting suggested to take a pic of me with the balloon arch coz we reached there kinda earlierr.. i love it! thankiuk ah ting!

Timothy & i.. with his signature expresssion!

tim n ting.. oh.. i m a super big bulb!

ahlost, me, ting


i love her dress!


and his innocent look!

seee.. here he goes again!



Johnston FOO! how come i see belly!! ah ah ah!

*ignore frankie’s innocent look*


and this is the consequences of not paying attention while takin picha! TAKE two!

my chi hua hua n i!

Oh… did i mention they not only serve food..

but free flows of beer

and WINE…

HUHUHu.. it makes me happie!

Yam seng!!!

Tim n dar say they look like the waiter wearing white! huhuhuhu!


see again?!

but the girls are jus happie with white!! *not to mention the last minute shopping la*

Throughout the seesssioon.. they have treasure hunt for the guests..

And our alicia.. the Santa Claus.. giving out presssie!!

u wanna know wads inside? NAH.. keep it low. haha

i m so speechless now.. so.. jus enjoy the photo k? *teeehehe*

Oh.. btw.. met sweet Rachael there..

long lost justin oso!!

and the party animal, PK!

last but not least.. our white groupie pic!!

Enjoy the night ya! *muacks*

i like this pic for now.. so it gonna be my fb profile pic! hahaha!