Roast & Grill @ The Puzzle, Pullman Kuching

After a long period of time, semi-retiring from blogging, here comes again. Another round of Food Tasting over the Theme Roast & Grill.

As usual, we go slowly. From Appetizer – Mains – Roast & Grill – Desserts.

Theres a wide selection of Salads, Soup and Appetizer as usual. My favourite among all was this :

Chicken Roll served cold. Unexpected taste but i love it.

Another favourite of mine. Smoked Duck served in Mango sauce. I had 3 rounds of meal and all three i had these two. hehehe!

The eye catching one. Chicken with red sauce.

Proceed to the mains,

Baked Potato Cake. Potatoes lover like me, i cant comment much 😀

Polenta. Surprisingly the polenta taste alright

Mac and Cheese. We all agree it was a lil bit too bland.

Chicken with Peanuts.

BBQ Lamb. Oh.. i m loving this.

Grilled Corn… it reminds me of how eileen teaches us to eat the corn whenever i see corns. 🙁

Oh.. just like every place. Just in case you need rice. We have seafood fried rice

Pizza. The pastry was ok. It was the thin and crunchy type if you love it.

Seafood Pasta. Rose ordered this. The taste was alright. But maybe the chef that day was emo.. It was a lil bit over cooked. 🙂 hehehehehee!! Hello Chef! im sure you feel better di right “)

Not forgetting everyone’s Favourite —- Japanese Fooooood!

Oh Oh.. i mean..

SASHIMISSSSS…. Salmon!!!! *slurps* How great if you have white tuna sashimi! arghhH!!

And to the Roast & Grill :

They actually have all kinds of things to be roasted. From Chicken to Beef to Lamb to Seafood and to Vege. You named it they have it. I personally love the very raw one. Medium rare will be my fav. Slurps!

And and.. lets go to the desserts! I personally agree that Pullman Kuching serve pretty good desserts. I am guessing the chef is a happy man. Hahahaha!

Hello Ladies. Happy with the desserts?

If you are interested in this Roast & Grill themed Buffet. You can always walk in or call 6082-222 888 for reservation.

*Om nom nom nom*