Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010!

Wooots… I have completed my first non-charity marathon on the 27th of June.. Yes… I purposely fly to KL for the marathon ok! *muahahaha*

And.. Heres my result.. 1:14:21! *wooots* and i m glad i can finished it in less than 90 minutes.. so here am i.. happily waiting for my cert! *winks*

A day before our marathon… we went to titiwangsa place to collect our.. gears and all those stuff!

Excited right? They have full marathon, Half marathon, 10 KM, Family run and Kid dash.

The happy ppl…!


Girls are yellow and men are white

and the most incredible thing is… we all force ourselves to sleep at 11pm the night before marathon day becoz we have to wake up at around 4sth… be there b4 6am for the 10 KM run!!! struggling can!

We manage to woke up at 4.30 or 5 i guess.. shower and camwhore somemore!!

*nyek nyek nyek*

Initially we plan to breakfast with JJ fred shirley and rach but…. bcoz of those lovely camwhoring session.. we are kinda a bit off the timing.

so here we go.. breakfast from 711. hahaha!

and we manage to reach there around 6am…

Anna : fast fast.. i help u take pic of dataran malaysia!! *grin*

We took our breath right… ate our power bar.. and

take a group pic b4 we all gathered at the “starting point”.

I m kinda impressed bcoz we have like around 16500 ppl running for this marathon!!

How grand right???

In front of me…

Behind me…

wow… all i can say is.. its sooo crowded!!!!!

After the run.. we all gathered at the same old place… wow.. i never thought i can complete the run in 90mins!!

i m proud of myself.. at the same time.. kinda addicted to marathon…

might take up more this year. *hohohoho*

My medal!!

My chh’s and me!!! its will be our best memory of the year kan?

And before we left.. a lil sweet pic to capture the best moment of ours.