The Worst Event

I just came back from the WORST EVENT… such a waste of time!! i cant imagine i wasted my precious saturday night on this bullshit. I should have just go to my student’s concert!!

The event is some Ministry of beats at the Royal Oak. Wadever.. i mean.. the Ministry of beats is nice.. the atmosphere is nice. the Performance is nice.. the music is awesome.. but the event organizer sucks big time. I m SURE some of u will say something behind me like.. yien should not say this.. or its not so nice to say til like that and so on. i have prepare for all these comments already. But wad to do.. i m jus saying the truth.. whether you like it or not.. whether i offended you or not.. i m so sorry bcoz i m jus saying wad i encounter there. For me.. if u duno how to handle this kind of things.. jus don fucking do it.

For that bitch.. if u keep complaining that bloggers are so demanding.. Please lah..look at yourself in the mirror first.. this is not demanding. this is protest oledi.. YOU.. not as an event organizedrbut WANTED to be, beg ur fren for helping and in the end.. act like u in charge of that event? and Guess wad? u did a GREAT job for ruining the whole thing! bravo!

AT first.. all the invited blogger had one pass. and they are entitled 5 free tickets to invite their friends over. all tickets included one free heineken. Last minute.. they say..  Oh.. sorry the ticket doesnt include any drinks. you have to pay for it. WAD THE FUCK? and we oledi tell all the people that drinks are included. Alright. FINE.

Second.. When everyone dress nicely and arrived at the place.. GUESS WHAT?? ALL THE PEOPLE HOLDING THE FREE TICKET ARE NOT ALLOWED TO GO IN… WAD THE FUCK??! Then the event organizer say that.. the one holding the FREE ticket have to arrive in between 5.30pm to 9pm. if not.. they are not allow to go in.. AND.. THEY DINT EVEN MENTION THIS TO US BEFORE!!!!! NO body knows.. even the CREW. This is how u do event? shame! So.. you can see a lot of people wearing their nice dress standing outside the place with angry faces.

And the thing is.. i invited 2 other frens to join and they are not allow to go in… I ask u.. if U were me.. do u feel embarrassed??! I DO! Invite ppl to go and when they reach there.. they are not allowed to go in becoz of the rules which is not mentioned to us earlier. i feel embarrassed.

Somehow.. we still manage to go in with a WTF mood. I wanted to jus leave the place but sadly i m following steve car he ask me to stay so.. i jus stand there. I din even bother to take one picture. fucking pissed off. and jus then.. the two frens which finally get to go inside got CHASE out by some she-thought-she-is-in-charge-bitch. WTF!! Yes.. some nice guy come and say sorry to us.. but.. SORRY is useless at this time OK!! I m so fucking pissed off.

After staying for like 15 minutes. i decided i will just leave. No point at all. wad a bullshit. Waste my time! Don lecture me on this please. I m fucking pissed off because i feel very embarrassed. i ask ppl to go and u guys chase them out? how am i suppose to face them next time??! and.. not that the place is crowded?? Its not even happening in there. WTF!

And yea.. wadever you wan to say behind me.. Just say. i don fucking care. You pissed me off to the max! and stop saying we r demanding or wadsoever. You din even do your job properly. But still.. congratulations you are in my record list. The worst event!

I don wan to make a big fuss about it. i jus wanna blog and thats all. Case close.