Village Fast Food – Food Tasting

Ahlost!! u r not the last one to post… i m! hahahahaha!!!

LAST YEAR…. we had a blogger gathering and food tasting event organized by the Village Fast Food, Green Bento and Eat Ok. Thanks to Caroline Wee, the tauke nio of Green Bento.. Uncle Francis and our annabella wong for the everything!!! hehe!

Pictures with “human figures” are all taken by timothy walter voon!

Yes! this is the guY!! Too bad wombok is not there.. if not..all the premiums will be there! keke!

The gang and i arrived pretty early that day.. and while waiting for rose, jf and eve.. we decided to camwhore dulu!! hehehehhee!

Oh!! this is my favourite picha!! Rite rite ah na and ah lieng? hehehe! say YES hor..

Camwhore camwhore..

Ok.. so here come the first dish.. Hot and sour soup..

In my opinion.. the soup is not sour enuf lor…

Nestum Fish Fillet

This one is alright.. Fish is soft as well!

Butter Prawn!!

Hmm.. how to say hor.. as compared to our normal butter prawn.. i think it dont have that buttery taste lor..

Next.. Nyonya sweet and sour chicken

Ahh.. this one arh.. actually this one is very nice.. the chicken meat is soft… but hor.. it doesnt taste like nyonya sweet and sour chicken.. i think if its called ASAM chicken.. it will be prefect!! *nyek*

4 combo vegetable…!

depends on ur own preferences lo.. some ppl like crunchy vege.. some prefer soft one.. this one is CRUNCHY!

Fish and Chips!

According to Caroline.. there’s beer in it.. hmm.. i duno leh.. i like the side dish

Fried Mee Sua Cangkuk Manis

OH!!!!!! PLEASE ask JF and TIM and TING for the taste… *grin*

Lastly.. we have grilled beef steak

They provide us with 3 different sauce!! amazing rite? got pepper, mushroom and brown sauce.. i like the brown sauce more… ^^

Apart from Food tasting.. we have some quizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz going on.. ah Ting got the most expensive free kayaking prize!! woots! i wan i wan!

So these are the girls from our table!!

and the gents! JF duno go where ki..

With Calvin.. Calvin, did i spell ur name correct??

Uncle Francis and i.. ” i wan kayak…” shout gentlely.. kakakaka!

VFF jumping spreee!!

and lastly our group pic b4 dismiss!! weeee!!

oh… apart from my gang.. i met some new ppl.. nice ppl of coz.. calvin, louis and ah mike (i don have his url).. and i met my neighbour for the first time…. FRANKIE!! hahaha! HARLO NEIGHBOUR!!!!

Thankiu ppl!! we really had a great time there!!! Specially thanks to VFF, Green Bento and Eat OK.. ^^