I attended the Launching of WonderfulBorneo.com few days ago at Sri Shan Curry House.

WonderfulBorneo is a website where all information with regards to Borneo can be found, be it Environmental, Geographical, Travel and Tours, Flora and Fauna, Wildlife and where to eat! (wonderfulborneo.com, 3 February 2010) In short, the website promotes everything which is related to Borneo. =)

A VIP table for all the VIPS and VVIPs. YB George Chan is going to officiate the launching for WonderfulBorneo.com

Some light refreshments for the everyone. Sri Shan famous Indian Rojak i suppose! *yum*

Meet up with a lot of friends whom i haven see for so long..

Like Lung ge and Jimmy. Irene. Oh. the pic is kind of blur so i dint post up =(

Even saw our lecturer back in Swinburne! *teehehe*

And also.. Kenny.. i bet he rushed all the way from gym. =D

Oh.. i have to mention that Wow Book is actually part of the wonderfulborneo.com project as well. Correct me if i m wrong.

Addy, Mr.George and Lung ge is trying to promote the Wow Book!! *wooooow!*

Wow book is something similar to Privilege book. However, it only costs RM 25 which is RM10 cheaper than My privilege  book. Every wow book you bought, it will contribute RM 5 to charity. Interesting? They have booth at the Spring shopping mall so if you r interested, you  may want to grab one for yourself. =)

We waited for like more than one hour before YB George Chan arrived.

And here YB is.. I did manage to take photo on his arrival but.. the picture isnt really impressive so i just decided not to post it out.

Mr. Shan Wong explaining to YB about wonderfulborneo.com

This pic is cute!! kenny busy texting in front of the VIP table! hahaha!

The launching session ended quite fast..

just after Shan Wong gave his speech

and YB gave his.

Its fast, straight to the point and informative!! I guess everyone is happy with that! Once again.. congratulations to WOnderfulBorneo.com!

and nice meeting you Addy!