Food Food Food!!

I am awake at this hour!! OMG!! Haih! sleep too early i guess.. T.T

Gonna do an express blogging coz i have too many outstanding post liao! *HUHUHU*

* * * * * * * * * *

Happy Mooncake Fest!!

My Bro come back for a very short holiday of his.. and coincidentally it was Mooncake Fest jus one day b4 he went back to KL.. So.. we decided to go Four Points for Lunch..! The food is not as satisfying as my previous attempt there during Easter Monday.

Papa, Mama, and Lun!

Ahyien with my naked face…!! Nth on it. not even my eye liner. MUAHAHAHAHA!!! and i seriously need to go to the salon real soon!!

Okay.. so its Mam Mam time!

My first round… i love the roasted lamb..

Second round.. i seriously love my roasted lamb as u can see! HAHAHA!

Third Round.. wuahaha.. actually most of my food is share with papa.. tats y i can have so many rounds.. *grin*

And desserts!! The cheesecake is fabulous.. cheesy and creamy! and for others.. wuahaha.. just so so lah.. taken for photography purpose only!

Done!! Fast le?! Express chin chin!

* * * * * * * * * *

Frenz Cafe, Jalan Song, Kuching

This is a new cafe located at Jalan Song.. the new shoplot there.. U can find it for sure.. Pik Qii’s bday is coming so i suggested we dine that… My BAd.. Huyi n Lao Mao did try out the food there and they say the lamb is nice.. the lamb is indeed nice.. but as for the others.. Hmm.. lets see wad we’ve got..

Chicken Terriyaki Salad. Not bad.. altho the meat is a lil bit dry

Mushroom Soup.. Not bad. But not as nice as the one we have at Chef at home.

Chicken Chop..

Lamb chop with Whisky Cream.. The Whisky Cream is seriously recommended!!

Lamb Chop with Black Pepper sauce.. hmm.. so so? i think whisky cream is a lot better

and now come my beer battered fish and chips!

The fish fillet is 80% covered by thick Oily Flour!! YUCKS!!!

You noe how i eat??! I need to use a fork to DIG out the fish from the thick coated flour.. HUHUHU! and.. when i requested for TAr Tar Sauce (it doesnt come with it OK!)… sadly.. nobody in the restaurant know wad the hack is Tar Tar Sauce.. *sobx* They give me Chilli sauce instead.. haih! so i requested for Mayo and lemon.. but.. the lemon never come.. i m kinda fed up with the oily fish so.. jus don bother anymore lah..!

Of coz… the leftover! HUHUHU! My bad my bad.. shud have jus stick to my normal preference.. LAMB!! haih!

* * * * * * * * * *

Dine @ Aunty’s Place

Someday near Mooncake Fest.. AUnty called up and invite us for Pot Luck.. Hmm.. not really a pot luck lah.. she say she wanted to cook for all of us! How nice!

Sarawak Midin.. Crispy on the outside.. juicy inside!

Assorted Beans.. My first trial on the “Petai” and… eeeeeeeee! it taste like URINE! *screaammm*

Vege with Squid.. i love that vege.. but i duno wads it called. hehe.. and allow me to remind u.. the squid is just so tender!

Sea Cucumber!! woots! i had a lot of this….! Hiak hIak Hiak!

Pork Belly!! I bet the outlook tells everything.. YES.. indeed the best dish for the day!! dip with some homemade sauce… and DANG! Who doesnt like pork?!

Steamed Chicken…! A traditional Dish! *slurps*

and LAstly… Deep Fried Prawn.. i only have one of these bcoz my tummy is fully occupied by the porky! *hiak hiak*

So thats it!!! Get Hungry and Good Night!!!