New Layout

Finally after 5 years, New theme New Layout. My June/2008 to June/2013 layout for my bloggie. 

capture-20130614-025336Decided to change it because: 

1.) The face doesnt look like me anymore. haha

2.) The categories are so messy (still sorting out the old ones)

3.) The Layout look a lil bit outdated jor

4.) Need something new and refreshing

I wanted to change it to a 3-column simple theme. However, its very hard to find a nice n neat ideal 3-column theme for me. Yet, i want it to be a responsive one. So many technical thing. And for my outdated knowledge of html coding.. I can barely do it anymore.. Hence.. i settled down with a 2-column one. At least, it is clean and neat. Loving it

Hello New Theme. I guess you will be accompany me for another few more years. Anything that you need i should add or remove or modify it? I am run outta ideas! And.. is my picture size too big? Please give me some suggestion. HueHueHue