Pembroke Welsh Corgi VS Doberman

Pause a while for my bangkok final day. The 342 photos are giving me a headache. Huhuhu.

Anyway.. this is my favourite puppy.. for now. hahaha. Pembroke Welsh Corgi..

pembrokeAnd this is Bun’s fav.. Doberman..

dobermanI hope both of them can be good friends.. right?

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  • ahlost

    both are cute !! but the one you like live in snow place one bo, as from the pic.. hahahaha !! i don’t think it can stand our humid weather ler, unless you put it at Sarawak Energy or HASIL where the aircond sibeh cold one !! 😀

    • : :

      Muahahha.. i ask le..can live in all weather.. but… guess no breeder in kch. sobs