P/S: I just got some movie spoilers just now. I duno about you, but i personally dont like movie spoiler…especially when someone said a lil bit and when i asked to stop and pls dont be a spoiler, they tell you everything especially the ending with details…ARE you kidding me??? If for normal movies i still can take it… But this time is way too much.. its a movie which i always wanted to watch and have been waiting for more than 5 fcking months since JANUARY. And hurray the movie is finally up in cinema for the first day and now i know the whole fcking ending.. SERIOUSLY???? WADD THEEEE FUCKKK!!!!!!!!! i feeel like fcking banging some cupboards!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! what should i do now???? FML! *heart crashing* 

sorry for being so expressive.. its just because this is the movie that i have been waiting for months and i never thought it will end up like that.. knowing everything before i even go and watch it. *emo* so.. just let me shout!

OK.. i guess i have no mood to continue my post on Bangkok : Day 1 which is initially suppose to be up by now. Just not in the mood for the last 3 paragraphs. Tomorrow then. Good Night Peeps. 

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