Taiwan : Taipei, JiuFen, ShiFen 2013 preview

Taiwan – Its a Random Taiwan trip again!! This time, autumn. Although its said to be autumn, the difference in temperature fluctuates a lot. It was around 10 Celsius the previous week before i went and by the time i reached Taipei, it was around 23. Wuwuwuwuwu. I love cold days! This post is just a short preview of everything.

JiuFen (九份) – This time round, i get to go Jiu Fen (九份). A small uptown but packed with tourist.

Beautiful scenery..

Cold weather..

And lotsa street food and souveniers

A cute cartoon school bag!

In the dog’s eye. hehehe!

Oh.. By the way, i had ahbuu to travel with me this time! *wee*

ShiFen (十分) – ShiFen is famous in sky lantern. (孔明灯)

The whole street is on the train station itself. And its full of outlets selling the sky lanterns.

Just write you wishes and release to the sky and it will be blessed.

i had mine too.

Taipei – Pay another visit to the zoo and maokong gondola. (猫空缆车)

Hello little panda

This time, i tried the cystal cabin. Wooots. Its transperant.

Walking to XimenDing (西门町)

Visit ahMao (阿毛)

Visit the little pet shop. I wan pom pom! but Mr.H say pom pom too ngiao siao.

Oh.. saw this little cutie walking around xi men ding everytime i went there. cuteness!

Went to LongShan Temple station (龙山寺) for some famous street art and the food there. The brown pooodle is so noty!

Never missed out my fav — Gua Bao ( 刈包). Steamed bun with slice of braised pork or sometime minced pork, add in preserved vege topped with peanut and sugar and coriander to a perfection!

Lotsa cute stuff at ShihLin market (士林夜市). Look at the umbrella! almost bought it ok! hahahaha!

And last but not least, pamper myself with a bowl of lu rou fan (鲁肉饭)

I mean…

A feast of it. TEEEHEHEHEHEHE!