Thanis’s Recipe, Suki-Ya, Ikea Meatballs

When all foodies gathered, there will be food marathons. The 1-week KL trip really contribute to my waistline expansion T.T

Thanks to the AirAsia Red Hot Party with Taylor Swift, we were all be able to gather again. My flight with Miao & Jacqueline is quite an early one. Settled down in our hotel and wait for the ultimate cook to arrive with his yummilicious food from Brunei.

Thanks to Thanis for bringing us food all the way from Brunei! Not some random food but his special recipe! THIS GUY CAN REALLY COOK SO WELL. OMG!

He woke up at 5am in the morning purposely to cook for us and bring them all the way from Brunei. *touched* He brought us this :

DSC03193His special homemade recipe : I would say the name is.. Seafood Pasta with Salted Egg Yolk and dont know whats the magic inside. It was so so so good i can finish all of them!!

DSC03198_pActually i so wanted to finish the whole box! The pasta will just keep you eating non stop. Flawless! I could even compare it with my favourite in Melbourne. Just flawless! Thanis! Salute!

DSC03195Next up is the Mochi Green tea Waffles. Or Wonuts he called it? Its fried waffles but with green tea mochi inside. So green tea! Me love!

Apart from that, subject two for the waistline expansion.. Suki-Ya. Introduced by my makan makan mate Annna.

DSC03483It just never go wrong with her for makan makan. ehehehe!


DSC03482Love the Vege “Tong hao”. I think we finished up 2 plates of tong hao. Huhuhu! I tried googled the english name of the vege but failed.The nearest name i can googled is so damn lonnnnngggg — Round-Leaf Garland Chrysanthemum.

DSC03484And their signature. Sliced Beef & Lamb. Pardon us. We had 8 plates of these. Muahahaha!

DSC03491Just dip in the boiling soup for 6 seconds and oh nom nom nom. 6 seconds because i love my meat to be medium rare 🙂

Subject 3 for waistline expansion — Jacqueline.

DSC03497My one week roomie. Food marathon partners and… well.. a lot more

DSC03509We had our all time favourite — Ikea Meatballs. But i guess i wont love it anymore. Too many of meatballs in a day. Huhuhu!

DSC03513And this fried chicken which i dont really fancy =_____=

DSC03499_pJust a short post for now because i dont have much pictures for the day. Busy shopping mar.. so just combine all 3 to make my post longer. Hehehehe! Longer is always better right? *wink wink*