A Pisces and her Bear

Overall, i think most of the pisces are emotional. Girls especially. Thats y pisces should have a bear plush beside her. 

Pisces are emotional & sensitive. They have a lot of things in mind. But not everyone can understand it.

Pisces tends to want to share her everything to you.

Pisces tends to complain to you things that she dislike.

Pisces tends to care for you a lot until she nags a lot.

Pisces tends to be defensive when someone she thinks will do nothing good to you.

Pisces tends to hope she can do her best in putting you up to someone better.

Pisces tends to nags for good intention but not much of you will appreciate.

Pisces tends to talk about random things when she is bored.

Pisces tends to be talkative when she is cheerful. 

Pisces tends to be overexcited when she is excited.

Pisces tends to keep quiet or just blah out crying when she is sad.

Pisces tends to hope she can talk about all the things she bother just to get someone to hear instead of lecturing.

Pisces tends to hope you can appreciate the good intention she try to do something for you instead of taking the blame.

Pisces tends to hope you can appreciate all the things she told you that she thinks it might help instead of you complaining she is too protective and controlling.

Pisces tends to hope that you can understand her feelings.

But.. most of the people out there.. they will never know what is your reason behind so many things you said. They do not appreciate what you have done. They do not bother to take sometime just to care and understand you more. All they know is to blame you for being too sensitive too controlling and too narrow minded. Or they might just try to pamper you for the sake of just easing the arguement instead of understanding you.

Thats y, all pisces should have a bear. A bear that will be at your side listening to whatever you want to say and although it doesnt giv you any respond, you knew it understand you. You knew it will support you. You knew it appreciate everything you do. Whenever you are at your hardest time, it is the only one remain beside you. No matter how things go.  You can only truly be yourself in front of your bear plush! i love you keren~