Ah Leng’s Farewell

SAD!! today is ah leng’s farewell.. he is leaving to Aussie today.. or i shud say jus now.. *sob* i don dare to go to airport coz i noe i will burst out my tears.. so i just went to his hus before and gave him the card me and fabby write for him and gave him a warm hug before he left me and fabby at kuching. Sobx.. good frens keep on leaving us.. Siew Ching, Kai, Nana, Xin Yi, Ches, Ade, and now.. AH leng.. Oh.. Melbourne is such a small kuching where all my buddies are.. sobx!! Ah leng.. nvm la u.. so sampai hati leave me and fabby at Kuching. sobx!!!

aH lENG!!! all the best in AUssie arrrr.. must miss us ok..! Oh.. its such a sad feeling to see him leaving us.. I knew him for so long already.. He was my secondary classmate at grss.. then again together at Swinburne and this is how we get closer and closer.. Leng has been such a good fren around although he like to suan ppl. mauhaha! but life without him at SWinburne is kinda bored lor.. We owes do assignment together.. study together.. rush our assignment dead lines rushing til morning time and straight away to sch for breakfast… WOW! i miss all those times..!

Today is the 3rd farewell meal we have with him.. Me and fabBy of coz.. we went to KaYa Toast for breakfast as he is leaving at nite time.. chit chat a lot.. and keep on flooded him with words like how much we will miss him when he is not at Kuching.. hahaha!!

Here’s some food we ordered.. Our drinks!!

My Sausage set..

Fabby’s and Leng’s cai kueh.. and soft boiled egg. hehe! so got fate la them.. separately order oso can order the same thing.. hehehe!

And ah leng’s kaya toasssst.. i don really like the toast there but he say it taste ok.. ah.. cin cai la..! muahaha!

I noe he has been ppl’s photo taking object for like few days liao but nvm la.. he is going so far.. must take some picture ma..

Leng and Fabby!!! They wil be so lonely from today onwards becoz don have each other to suan liao.. hehe!

Me and Leng!! Oh.. i looked so pale.. haih.. of coz la.. early early morning!!

Me and Fabby!! hehehehe! of coz must take one pic of our own! cute fab!

And we threee! weehehehehhe!! Miss us ya!!! We will certainly miss u super much!

and lastly.. hehehe!!

The loVe letter from us to Him.. hehehe! aiyo.. sure he sangat touched when see it la.. heheheheh!!

Leng, all the best o..! Once got the result must report ok!! and remember to webcam the green green stuff we bought for u! hahahahha!