Best Lamb Noodle 2009

I dig into my picture folder and i saw this.. Hmmm.. just nice before chinese new year!

I had posted about the best lamb soup in town.. so now it will be the best lamb noodle.. wuakakka!! Owes lamb hor.. coz i m a lamb freak ma.. i love both lamb and mutton!! huhu! so as long as you guys noe any place with  nice lamb stuff.. give me a call!! i m so happie to have a try! keke!

So far this one is the BEST i have ever had!! YUMMY delicious i can say.. it is located at indian street.. a kopitiam at the corner.. before aladdin cafe.. hehe! i will take note of the name next time la hor.. anyway.. there’s some pictures to lure u.. keke! *evil grin*

My very very very very very favourite LAMB NOODLE!! Omg!! i can feel the sudden hunger when i post this!

Oh.. for not-so-lamb-lovers, they served very very very very nice beef noodle too!! but of coz.. my preference will be the lamb noodle lah!

And… wonton! wad is special about the dish there.. basically.. they use the PORK fat to cook it! kakaka! duno wad am i toking about?? hmm.. how to say hor.. pork fat is like the fat part of the pork, they goreng it and stir it into ur wonton!! Super oily but super duper delicious i tell u! hehehe!

Peanut butter… i wana go again!! i went there twice.. both are with him and kok song! huhuhuhu! omg omg! they really know where the good food are! *hmpf*

Oh… btw.. for CNY.. i receive this very nice little moo-moo keychain from timothy today! and oso a candy! hehehehe!! he is really a starbucks promoter! keke! thankiuk ar!! so cute i so like neh!

And.. HAPPIE official 25th Bday to Timothy!!! *lalala*

oh.. i haven been seeing my sista for a while! miss u girls! *muacks*