Oh.. mama is less suspicious.. papa is more suspicious.. papa remember “bai zu” has rainbow colour body.. muahahaha!! da yeye so cute! *evil grin*

Me: Ma.. will u burnt bibi next time?

Ma: i never burnt ur things ler.. don cin cai say ler..

Pa: ha? wad happen?

Ma: Yien say we burnt her plush

Me: no meh? Pa.. last time u ppl owes burnt things at the kampung land hor..

Pa: Yalo.. why le?

Me: got burnt any SOFT TOY????

Pa: No le.. only old clothes..

Me: Si meh.. Oh.. sobx.. “bai zu…” hump wu wu wu~ T.T

Pa: “Bai Zu” has rainbow colour body hor? Hmm.. i don have any impression bo..

Me: U noe bai zu got rainbow colour body!!

Pa: Hmm? No la no la.. no impression..

Me: *shocked*