Today is suppose to be happy or more towards exciting.. because today is the day i started my new chapter of life.. i am working now.. yes.. my first day of work… time to experience the cruel reality of working. =)

BUT.. it turned out to be a heart-tearing day for me… 5pm.. i m happily packing my stuff to go home.. 5.30pm.. i reached home.. took a bath… load some videos to entertain myself after dinner… 6.15pm.. Daddy mummy came home… prepared dinner.. i had my dinner and i continue youtub-ing…

It was roughly 7pm when mummy’s phone rang.. my aunty called. she talk kinda loud and i heard “better don let ah yien know?” some kinda stuff.. i curiously go out from my room and mummy straight away tell me HE passed away.. I burst into tears. Broke Down.

HE is my babysitter.. to be exact.. a husband of my babysitter.. many ppl will be thinking.. wad so big deal about baby sitter.. a lot of ppl had a babysitter.. BUT mine is totally different.. When i was very young.. very very young i mean.. daddy mummy is working.. so they settle my brother and i to a very EVIL nursery where i think that baby sitter is a devil from HELL.. He locked my brother in the room because my brother don wan to eat porriage.. YEa.. and of coz.. i accompany my bro as well.. that makes us two little kids starving from morning til evening..

My cousins on the other way.. had a very good baby sitter.. BUT that babysitter and the family decided not to continue to babysit any babies after my cousin because they are kinda old already.. that time they are around 50 plus already.. but my aunty and my parents kinda hope she could take care of us as we really needed some good ppl… and she finally nodded.. She took good care of us until we love her so much.. She treated us like her own children.. of coz.. She is refering to the whole family lo.

Honestly speaking.. My brother and I had a very good childhood not only because of how our family raise us up but partially also because of my babysitter and her family. Thats y we still keep in contact for all these years.. Sorry to say that but the truth.. My brother and I are closer with my babysitter and her husband than with our own grandparents.. We ask ourselves a lot of times.. who is more important in our heart except our parents…? They are… THEY ARE. The answer always remain the same. None of my grandparents can overtake them.. WHY? Partially because we spent our childhood time 60% with our parents and 40% with Them..

They love us sincerely..they took care of us with their own heart.. i remember last time HE used to help my brother and I to use some thick steel to grab hold on ur drawing papers because it was too thick.. haih.. i know no one will understand except my brother. Just now.. i heard my aunty said my babysitter is a good person.. but the husband is a bit fierce and unfriendly. YOU ARE TOTALLY wrong. HE pampered us just like his own children. They said those harsh words because they do not even know him. DO they spent the whole day.. or probably a few years time with HIM? How could they said this as you don even understand him. I m angry.. but pointless… I m heart tearing that he left us alone.. leaving the world. Leaving his kind-hearted wife alone.

He passed away because of Malaria.. or Denggi.. Wadever! i know are those damn tiny creature.DEPRESSED.

In a positive way of thinking.. He had spent his 75 years in this world with our love.

You will always be in our heart.. The least.. it will forever remain in my heart and ah lun’s heart. Gong…Rest in Peace