I am officially 22 !! *thankiuk thankiuk*

Yes.. i spent my birthdays with an awful eye.. thats why i have been wearing shade wherever i go wadever i m doing.. even now.. i m wearing shade to update my blog.. because the screeen is kinda bright. teehehe!! anyway.. i m still happie having all of my beloved one celebrating my birthday with me.. Here.. i just wanna state out how grateful i m to have all of you by my side.. and not at least.. all the birthday wishes and greetings from all of you althought you all mayb far away from here.. or just not in contact personally… but guess wad?! i m so so so happie to receive ur wishes either from sms or facebook or msn.. you guys are just sweet and dai sek!! *hugs hugs*

Gradually, i m thankful to have my papa mama and dar throughout my birthdays. My brother is not here.. but he say he will celebrate with me when i reached KL. muahaha! *kiss kiss*

Specially thanks to PAPA and MAMA.. for every possible thing and celebration. I just love you guys! *muacks* Ah LUN a.k.a my only brother.. keke!! *i m thinking of where to eat now* My Dar.. my gang called him “Mr.Tan“.. hehe!! love u as always. ^^

Not forgotten my sistas.. Pik Qii, Lao Mao and Yuen Ni..kekeke! i have them every year since 9 years ago! ^^ and this year.. i have Ben Xiong surprising me too!

And of coz my beloved Gang.. the “prettY” timothy!! Ting, Gordon, Eve, Annna, Pui Joo, Chenky, Rose, Jf, Paul Paul, Gladys… i haven hear from ah lieng! sobx! thankiuk for the wonderful time at Magenta!!

Thankiuk for those who SMSed me. *papa *Mama *Dar *Michael Kon *Sy Sy *Grace *Teresa *Ken *Fabby *Chao *Frankie *Tmot *AH Hu *Serene *Jimmy *Lun *Jasmine *Pik Qi *Richard *Suk Wee *Jonathan Liu *Adeline Ho *Alex Ng *Xin YI

One day when i open my facebook account… i received more than 170 walls greetings for my birthdays.. thankiuk guys! ahyien is touched!! And of coz.. msn as well!! *Mim Chuang *Sin Yee *Nana *Heyward Maxwell *Adeline Yap *Louis Wong *Yuen *Chen Sin *Mike Cheng *Sy Sy *Andy *Pazuzu *Tim Fernandez *Zoanna *Ah Kit *Fengy *Chime *Jovynne *Sing Jiat *Tzia Shen *Jason lai *Jam Gee *Roger Chua *Ian Chang *Stephen Yee *Wensy *Serene *Pik Qii *Lin Ming *Lance *Richard *Jim *Sara nadia *Lestari *Qi Xiang *Ai Ling *Adeline Lim *Paul Rienhart *Sharon Chong *Ivyruran *Jackson Wee *Shirley Q *Ivy Pang *Edina *Damian kho *Ping Ping *Adeline Yii *Raymond Yew *Adam Yong *Zesan *JoJo *Melanie *Bernard Lim *Ah Leng *Ali Citgide *Kuok Wu *Allen Ang *Hung Wei *Xiao Bee *Suhanna *Anne Lau *Gladys *Mika *Yen Ching *Irene Law *Deidre *Chin Wee *Nekobun *Hee Kheng *Rose Wong *Enid *Roy Tan *Lewis Teng *Hana *Sing Hui *Yien Ling *Evelyn Hii *Karlie Sasondoncilla *Debbie *Jolynn *Bertrand *Simon Templer *Eric Hii *Nancy Chan *Cynthia Chia *Sarah Boniface *Lostrussian Princess *Vik Lau *Vinly Choo *Ai Lian *Aebyn Sim *Jasper Lim *Isaac *Calvin

Thankiuk woh!! I m recovering and my eye is getting better now. hehe!! Love u all to bits!! For those who doesnt have name here…. *hmpf.. *merajuk**


Will upload my happie moments with all my beloved one soon!! *hugs*