In Memories..i owes heart u Bai Zu

Its a very short post from me today.. last night.. i visit a website… its called the dirty wow-wow.. haha.. its actually something like a site for ppl to post up their own old soft toys or like so-called bear bears.. haha.. i even saw some are like 20 years plus plus.. its cute.. and for me.. i personally thinks that the site is warm.. i can feel their love towards their bear bear.. (hmm.. of coz not only bears la.. got  rabbit.. dogs.. and so on =.=”)

And i accidentally saw one look like mine..when i saw that.. its sadden my heart immediately..

This is the one.. it look so alike like mine.. this one is called “pink teddy” wad a common name.. mine was called “bai zu”.. sobx.. i miss her so so so much.. u noe.. i love all my plush.. and i do keep ALL of them with me.. except her.. haih.. thinking of her makes me really sad.. she is a very tiny and “slim” little pig.. a very thin white pig with a body like Piglet in Winnie the pooh.. jus that the piglet got pink stripes body but my bai zu got green, blue and yellow stripes.. i still remember clearly.. bcoz i miss her. =(

Why is her not with me? When i was little.. i owes follow my parents to their kampung land to mayb burn rubbish or just walk around the fruits garden.. there is one time they went there to burn rubbish.. and after that… i cant find my bai zu!! i m so sad.. i ask mummy.. and i CLEARLY remember she told me “THEY BURNT IT”… i cant accept the fact!! i cried for days.. years after.. when i think of it.. i still cried.. i just cant take it that they burnt my bai zu.. *heartbroken*

Til when i grow up.. i ask them again.. BUT this time.. mummy deny she burnt bai zu.. she say that time they are just scaring me.. and just cin cai say.. i duno its true o not but i just remmeber they told me they burned it 11 years ago… I miss u bai zu..

And i really do love u.. til this moment when i write about u.. my tears are dipping out from my eyes. haih… =…(