It was 3.38am in the morning. I have been thinking so hard lately about what am i goin to do after i graduated this november. Hmm.. should i continue my master or should i start working or should i do both? Well.. what my future will be? Am i going to spent my whole life doing things which has great income or should i proceed to do things which i like? 

FOr me, yup surely i will have a stable work after many many years of working experience.. but now.. i m more towards to have a great experience in working first!! I want to realistic my ideal job as a … hmm.. don wan to reveal lah… and i really do like it.. Perhaps.. i think i should live life interesting for a while. Just a while can i?

I have always wanted to study abroad.. but because of a lot of circumtances.. i didnt.. I always wish to study abroad is not because i wanted to have freedom and left my family.. i will never do that.. The purpose is only to gain that particular experiences. Hw many times can we get to study? and somemore to study overseas? Only during ur UNI year.. YES.. ONLY THAT. so seems like my UNi year is going to end.. This ambition will never be granted anymore.

But nvm.. think in a positive way.. I get to spend a lot of time with my family. hehe! I love them more and more everyday!! Things are getting more and more complex now, sometimes when i wanna do sth for my own.. i’ll think of them first. There’s a lot of time i forgo my own desired experience because i think for my family. Of coz.. i m very willing to. this is what i wan.. to treasure every moment i have with my family. But still.. in the bottom deeply in my heart, i still hope for granting a chance to be more independent and to gain more experiences outside.

Haih.. what shud i do.. It has been in my heart for so long liao. i wanna tok but i duno how to tok. The only hope i wanted now is if i din get to work in my desired field, i hope that i can have a job which travel around a lot. =) Not to say overseas, locally will do. Of coz this is just temporary, just a few years for gaining experiences. I just wanna be more independent. And of coz.. i m grown up, i will think of my own and i will always be a good girl for both my parents. 

Sorry if its bored. ITs just me who suddenly feel like expressing everything out. haih!!! In conclusion, i still hope i can do whatveer job which i desired! =) lame? haha.. wadever. Nite!

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