It’s Party Time!

The best way to handle stress is to do BLOG! haha… yes.. its my theory. 

Whenever i’m over load with assignments or i feel bored or i do not know which assignments to do first.. or even when i m stressed out.. the best way to deal with it is not to continue with your work because it will not help you to come out with something good.. instead, take a nice break and BLOG anything you want so that you will at least feel a bit entertaining. =) make sense? will.. it does for me. ^^

But still.. i cant really blog about yesterday’s yet as there are some pictures which i have to get from lao mao.. so just a little preview on that. =) 

Yeah! its party time!! it has been ages since i played with a balloon! >.<”  *it is FUN making them burst! haha*

Happie birthday again to u pik qi! (^@^) 

Stay Tune for More!