Lappy: New Start. Variety. =)

Yup.. i m back online and blogging.. my laptop just recovered yesterday!! All my programmes are gone and so i only get to make sure of all the new programmes just now.. hehe! Ok.. lets recall.

Yup.. this is my laptop that nite! Oh!!! 10.9.2008 at almost 3am.. sobx! it says press wad wad wad to restart but it never can.. it remain like this and i never can switch it ON anymore until he met saad. haha!

but first of all.. just wanna shout out how happie and how thankful i m to SAAD!!!! SAADD!!!! thankiuk so so so so much!!! saad is one of my best buddy and he helped me to fix my laptop!! entirely! hehhehe! Oh.. he is an expert in these.. anything related to software.. i ask him! he is my sifu la..hehehe!

SAAD!! thankiuk so so so so much!

Also.. to those who offer help for me. thankiuk so much!! U guys are just great!!! 

:: HanPing, Simon, Paul, TmoT, JoJo, Jimmy, Serene, Tzywen :: 

I’m happie! very happie! hehehe! no much things to post for now so i guess i just include some food.. Yup. Happie day owes got FOOD! this is wad we have in SHaring Planet!

I guess it was Ladies Nite so every girls/females got this for FREE!

Hmm.. i duno wads that. =)

My seafood Carbonara.. Oh.. carbonara again! i never get tired of eating carbonara in and out. At home and outside i mean la. tehehe!

Lemon Butter Salmon of Grace. I love the mash potatoes underneath! it was sour… *brilliant*

And xy’s Cordon Bleu Chicken? hahahah! isit this name? suddenly just forgot the name. hmm…

OHYA.. thinking about photography.. Oh.. i m owes so in love with photography! and i have always wanted to have a DSLR but the desire was not keen before BUT now.. HoHoHo!! I owes get temp by how good it is! eeee!! Nvm.. i will earn it myself one day! very soon.. hehehe!

Here’s some model in my head.. duno which one is good ler..

Nikon D40! wooot! Nikon is owes the number one in Photography isnt it? hehe.. I m undecided between Nikon D40 and D60.. Nikon D60 obviously got the VR which will be much desirable but i read through all the forums.. hmm.. not all la.. most of it and they recommended Nikon D40 wor.. any comment?

Sony Alpha A700! Sony is beautiful k..haha! but i duno whether it is good o not as Sony has less history in DSLR ma.. but it is just beautifullll..

Canon 400D.. OH well.. a lot of my friends recommended this one.. Hmm.. i duno leh.. wad do u think?

Huhuhu! T.T i m so undecided! but still i m thinkin of Nikon.. eee… how how how? what do you guys think!! Give me so comment eh… =) i need information so so so so so so so so so much from u guys! *winks*