Malaysia is getting more hypocrite?

Damn! Hate to say that this post is purely my own personal opinion. Sick of reading those useless issue title like what K-pop issue recently. Don’t you Malaysian government have better and more serious things to do?? Now you want to restrict all the kissing movie and control media communication. WHY not I give you a better solution? Teach your people whose religion don’t allow not to watch those TV la. 

Malaysia is said to be Democracy. My ass. Look at our freedom of speech and our election. If you are educated, I think you agree its dictatorship. Newspaper? Do you seriously think people still read newspaper? Its all filtered. Its says what you want us to know ONLY.

When it comes to important issue and crisis handling? You run far far… give lame excuses and making jokes to the country by doing something stupid for the world to see. Good Job. When it comes to tiny irrelevant things, wow……. all the departments wanted to take part in. HAHAHAHAHA. No wonder when I go travelling, people say our Malaysian Government is a good entertainer. I agree! 🙂

Bribery. Every country has bribery. You take you eat.. but at least you do something nah.. Dont be so obvious mar… Went to China, their people complain about their bribery in the country.. but look at the city and the security and the policy concept. MY GOSH!! LIKE at least they eat but they do something lei..

YOU must be thinking… Complain so much about the country. Leave Malaysia la!! You think its easy? You think there’s country who is willing to accept Malaysian as their PR easily? No people wanna accept us di.. If not I won’t say a word and just leave! Anyone wanna grant me an Aussie PR?

P/S: Just not in a good mood. Bare with me 🙁