Me result! *happie*

Actually i knew my result few days back but i waited for the result slip to make it better looking. haha!

Yes.. I was at Hilton during the result published and thankie to dearest Leonard for calling me and surprised me with that.. After i knew the result is published.. hoho! make me nervous the whole day.. couldnt even sit properly you know..

Thanks God for letting to achieve such a result.. I was actually afraid of my e-marketing because i heard that a lot of ppl failed in the previous sem which i do not know whether its true o not and oso my translational marketing which i screwed up the presentation as my group members really don prepare.. ONe lesson for me.. open ur eyes BIG when you choose ur partners for the group assignment.. they may screwed you up entirely. ^^

Anyway! Thanks GOd… HE is the greatest.. and of coz.. family which provides me supports and good meals.. Keren.. for letting me to hug and cry when i stressed out.. BiBi to be with me msn with i wan someone to talk.. Tony to be there with me and teach me during my revision time.. Leonard, Fabby and Bertrand to inform me. ^^ Thanks super lots!!!!!

Of coz.. all my sisters.. pik qi and lao mao to be there gossiping and hanging out with me! hoho! love u all.

I got my result slip today.. and i m entitled for scholarship.. *hugs* will chia u eat one!! wait me!

Oh.. the CAreer in CoCuriculum is not counted.. The grade for it is only pass or fail and there is no credit point. this is some sort of government-wanted-us-to-study kinda EXTRA subject.. So.. weehehe! i got Straight Ds.. weehehe!

I m just wonder why i got two full marks 4.0 but still D but not HD? Haiz.. i have owes encounter problem like this.. its not the first time oledi.. nvm.. don care..

Its the points that matters.. not the Grade! ^^

GOD bless me much much!

To Add on : Congrats to my darling Siew Ching and Dearest Kai for achieving such good result neh!!! *hugs a thousand*